Full Service

Experience the unparalleled excellence of our comprehensive Full Service plan, designed to provide you with a hassle-free and pristine pool all year round. With one visit per week, our dedicated team of experts ensures your pool is in impeccable condition. During each visit, we thoroughly brush the pool walls, steps, and any love seats, leaving no surface untouched. We skim the pool surface and vacuum the floor, diligently removing debris to the best of our abilities. Rest assured, we check and maintain chemical levels, adding the necessary chemicals as needed, to ensure perfect balance. For sand and DE filters, we conduct backwashing every 6 weeks, or as required, while single cartridge filters receive thorough hose-downs. We meticulously inspect and clean skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and pool cleaners/Polaris units during each visit. Additionally, we lubricate O-rings whenever necessary. As part of our commitment to transparent communication, you will receive a detailed email after each service is performed. Embrace the convenience and peace of mind offered by our comprehensive Full Service plan and savor the joy of a flawlessly maintained pool starting at just $199/month.


Introducing our comprehensive Chemical+ service, starting at just $140 per month. This service is designed to ensure the perfect chemical balance and optimal functionality of your pool. With one visit per week, our dedicated team of experts provides an unparalleled level of care. During each visit, we check and adjust chemical levels, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. We also add chemicals as needed, precisely tailoring them to your pool's requirements. In addition to checking and adding necessary chemicals, Our thorough inspections include checking skimmers and pump baskets to maintain uninterrupted water flow. For enhanced filtration efficiency, sand and DE filters are backwashed every 6 weeks or as necessary, while single cartridge filters will undergo hose-downs. We also conduct routine checks on pool cleaners/Polaris units to ensure their optimal performance. With our Chemical+ service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool's chemistry and essential components are expertly maintained, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pleasure of pool ownership.

Green To Clean

Say goodbye to the unsightly green hue, dirt, and stubborn algae in your pool. We specialize in restoring neglected pools to their sparkling, pristine state. Our dedicated team of experts employs cutting-edge techniques and premium treatments to eradicate algae, eliminate debris, and restore your pool to its vibrant blue glory. Experience the magic of our Green To Clean service and dive into a revitalized pool oasis today! Send us an email or give us a call for pricing.

One-Time Cleaning

Introducing our convenient and efficient One-Time Cleaning service, designed to cater to your pool maintenance needs with flexibility and affordability. Whether you require a quick touch-up or a thorough cleaning session, our expert technicians are at your service. With a maximum duration of 45 minutes, our dedicated team efficiently tackles essential tasks such as brushing the pool walls, steps, and any love seats, skimming the surface, checking and adjusting chemical levels, inspecting skimmer and pump baskets, and ensuring pool cleaners/Polaris units are in optimal condition. Priced at just $75, this service provides a comprehensive cleaning experience for pools that need a touch up, but not for those in a green state. If your pool requires extensive cleaning due to a green appearance, we recommend our specialized Green to Clean service. Experience the convenience and exceptional value of our One-Time Cleaning service today, and enjoy a pristine pool environment without the commitment of a regular maintenance schedule.

Filter Breakdown

Introducing our essential Filter Breakdown service, a game-changer for pool owners with DE or cartridge filters. At Sneth's Pool Services, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal filtration efficiency. With our specialized expertise, we carefully disassemble your DE or cartridge filter, thoroughly hosing it down to eliminate accumulated debris. For DE filters, we diligently remove the stubborn build-up that clings to the grids, while for cartridge filters, we meticulously clean out trapped debris. Regular maintenance is key, and we recommend this service at least twice a year to ensure your filter operates at peak performance, guaranteeing crystal-clear water and a pristine swimming experience. Trust Sneth's Pool Services for unparalleled Filter Breakdown service and revel in the brilliance of a flawlessly maintained pool filtration system for just $99.

Fine Debris Removal

Introducing our remarkable Fine Debris Removal service, the epitome of meticulous pool maintenance. This service is meant for those who are struggling with fine debris such as dirt or sand rather than leaves or other larger debris that you might typically see in pools. At Sneth's Pool Services, we understand that even the finest debris at the bottom of your pool can impact its overall cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. With our precision-driven approach, we deploy cutting-edge vacuuming techniques to extract every trace of fine debris, leaving your pool bottom immaculate. Our expert technicians take pride in their attention to detail, ensuring that no particle goes unnoticed. Depending on whether there are leaves or other larger debris in your pool, this service might include one or two trips in order to ensure your pool is in perfect condition. Starting at just $119.95 you can experience the unrivaled satisfaction of a flawlessly clean pool bottom with our Fine Debris Removal service. Current pool service customers will also receive additional discounts on this service. Send us an email or give us a call to regain your spotless pool bottom today!

Other Services & Repairs

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services and repairs to meet all your pool needs. In addition to our regular pool maintenance and cleaning services, we specialize in providing top-notch solutions for a variety of equipment installations and repairs. Our highly skilled technicians are well-versed in handling various tasks, including main pump installation, booster pump installation, filter installation, motor installation, salt system installation, and sand change & haul away. We can also come to your pool and troubleshoot issues that you are having to find a solution to any problems that you may be facing with pumps and/or filters. Whether you need to upgrade your pool's filtration system, replace a faulty motor, or install a saltwater system for a more enjoyable swimming experience, we've got you covered. For more information about our "Other Services & Repairs" or to inquire about pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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